Saturday, November 27, 2010

Writing Tip : Avoid excessive punctuation!!!

Avoid excessive punctuation!!! 


This article provides alternatives to the use of excessive punctuation.
Multiple exclamation marks or question marks are a clear sign of amateurish writing.
The following sentence seems unprofessional, and the triple punctuation is simply redundant:
That was really great!!!
Excessive use of exclamation marks and question marks also dilutes their effectiveness. Consider the following over-punctuated examples:
  • "Oh, my God!!!", he exclaimed.
  • Ring now for great bargains!!!
  • "Are you sure???"
Restrict yourself to a single exclamation mark or question mark at a time. In the unlikely event that you need more emphasis, try adding initial capitals, italics or bold face. For example:
"Oh, my God!", he exclaimed.

Keep in mind that most business documents can (and should) be written without any exclamation marks.

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