Monday, September 12, 2011

What’s your secret?

What’s your secret?

Maybe you have some uncommon way of dealing with an everyday problem, or you’ve developed a faster or cheaper way of doing something. Either way, you know something most other people don’t know. In fact, as an expert in your niche, you probably have quite a few secrets, but you may not think of them like that.

Strangely, in the case of article writing, the “secrets” you share are the ones that define you the most.

Your secrets are the unique concepts and facts that you have about your niche. You share some of your best secrets every once in a while in articles. Of course, you save some of those secrets to be shared elsewhere, but article writing is a great avenue to share your expertise.

This article template is a great way to share those secrets in a succinct, guided way.

Just follow these steps:

·         Choose a Secret – Whatever you choose needs to be something that the general population doesn’t know already. It could be a startling fact or little-known process that you’re ready and willing to uncover.

·         Write a Captivating Title – Don’t give away your secret in the title. Use this part of the article to build interest in the topic, but don’t over-hype the secret. If you exaggerate the secret in the title and under-deliver, readers will notice.

·         Share the Secret – In the introductory paragraphs, share the secret and explain it as well as you can. If you’re outlining a secret recipe or step-by-step process, use an ordered list to organize the steps. If your secret is better told in paragraphs, take that route.

·         Explain Why It’s Not Widely-Known – Up until this point, your secret has been just that – a secret. Think about why it’s such a special piece of information or why it hasn’t become common knowledge and share your thoughts.

·         Tell Why You’re Sharing It – Whether you’re just in the mood to help people out or you want to announce a better/faster/cheaper solution to everyday problems, explain to your readers why you’ve decided to share the secret.

·         Recap the Secret – Now that the secret is out, recap what it is, what it means and why you’re sharing it in the conclusion of the article. Highlight the main points and summarize to conclude the article.

This secret-sharing article template is a great way to connect with your readers on a new, more personal level. Feel free to play with less formal writing when working with this template. Some authors pretend that they’re actually “whispering” the secret in their writing. That can be a different way of showing your lighter side as a writer.

Use this article template today to boost your credibility and reputation as an author with one-of-a-kind secrets about your niche.

Have you ever written an article based on one of your secrets? Leave a comment to share your experiences.

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